Senior Frontend Developer



  • Understanding the business requirements, technical analysis and designs, UI/UX designs and prototypes, and converting them into a working VueJS/HTML application.
  • Building a stable and powerful PWA application using VueJS/HTML5/Bootstrap/CSS3, which adopts and complies with Vue, Web, and Software Engineering standards and best practices.
  • Writing the required logic in JavaScript that communicates with the backend RESTful APIs to get data, post/submit new data, or execute actions on the server.
  • Modifying the frontend to implement new changes/features as needed using the guidelines of the UI/UX designs without the need to re-design the UI everytime.

About This Job

We are looking for strong highly-skilled frontend/JavaScript developers to build the UI intefrace of a new product we are building, which will have chart-drawing and extensive forms and validations to run around, thus, relative experience is expected.

As a frontend UI developer, you will receive the basic UI/UX design files for different system interfaces, and you are going to convert them into UI, add the logic, and make sure they are integrated well.

Also, you are expected to help in making core contributions to the software architecture and design, to help to reach to the desired state in the most effecient way in terms of time, usability, customizability, and more.

This is a contract base role for 3 developers for a multi-phase project. The first phase is planned for 2 months of extesive development, and other phases to be planned and kicked off down the road. We are willing to full-time hire the contractors who show commitment, dedication, and professionalism.

As a core developer, you are expected to demonstrate strength and high command on coding standards and principles leading to efficiently write clean code with minimum rework.

  • 4+ years of experience in JavaScript and frontend development in general, and especially strong extensive experience in VueJS.
  • Good understanding of PWA and SPA concepts, including lazy loading, routing, server-side rendering, optimization, authentication, authoirzations, and more.
  • Professional understanding and experience in HTML5, ES5+, and CSS3 standards, features, APIs, caveats, tricks, and best practices.
  • Good understanding of HTML canvas APIs, and interactive drawing in it.
  • Deep experience in twitter bootstrap components, customizations, extensions, plugins, and development of new components in it.
  • Deep understanding and experience in RESTful APIs, HTTP verbs and methods, and different client/server communication protocols and standards.
  • Good understanding of design rules, UI/UX, and visual designs, with ability to imagine and implement visual changes without the need of a redesign.
  • Super able to focus on the goal and deliver on time.
  • Good team player and communicator.
  • Understanding of Git protocol and commands, and gitflow workflow.
  • Understanding and adoption of software engineering and OOP standards, concepts, and best practices like SOLID, OOP, DRY,

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